Building Client Wealth the Alternative Way

Alternative investment strategies have been used for decades by institutions such as insurance companies, pension funds and banks to enhance returns.


Silvermont offers the opportunity to its investors to participate in these alternative investment strategies without exposing their investment to the ongoing volatility of public markets.





We mitigate risk through diversified investments in residential and commercial first and second rank mortgages. 

Private mortgages are much safer than traditional investments as they are secured by real property. The advantages of private mortgage investments are more predictable returns and less fluctuation than public markets.


We capitalize on emerging opportunities, specialty finance, and venture capital.Our private loans are given to promising start-up companies which are lacking availability to capital.


Our private loans to individuals and corporations are always secured by real assets (accounts receivables, real estate, inventory, equipment, etc.) This ensures returns that are independent of market conditions and is the most accessible and lowest-risk form of private debt.


We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world and which ones are doing it best. We invest in start-ups and emerging firms to help them achieve their full potential and take their business to the next level.


Silvermont Finance is a Canadian based alternative investment firm founded and managed by a team with an average of over 25 years experience in financial services and investment banking. We specialize in providing investors with diverse income producing portfolios using alternative finance, debt strategies, asset-based lending, and venture capital.

With the ever-changing landscape in the finance world, Silvermont aims to be an accessible and reliable alternative finance lender, focused on asset-based methods. Our vision is to help our clients achieve business growth and development.

We assess and rigorously evaluate the market and its potential fluctuations, while at the same time providing investments that are not correlated to market performance and volatility. Our meticulous multi-strategy approach, with a strict emphasis on due diligence, helps us evaluate risk management, financial analysis and capital preservation. We aim to sincerely help borrowers and at the same time provide a fair fixed-income source for our investors.





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